Hi, my name is Jon Alicea, LMT(Licence: MA92046) living in the beautiful city of Tampa Bay, FL. I’m a former Information Technology Specialist who discovered his spiritual path after meditating and contemplating the meaning of life and purpose. Because of my spiritual work, I changed my career, to become a healer for the betterment of society. My passions are Massage Therapy, Spirituality, Self-Actualization, Technology, and my Daughter. I also have the belief that everyone has the power of changing their minds and subsequently changing their health, ideas, and perspectives of the world. In the future, I’m looking to become a teacher and inspire others to actualize their lives.


My mission is to be a facilitator of holistic wellness, bringing healing, awareness, and consciousness to the body, mind, and spirit through my knowledge, hands, and natural resources.


I visualize myself as a facilitator of alternative wellness in my community with the knowledge to advance the healthcare industry to a more holistic and conscious future.


  • Commitment to Safety – to maintain high levels of safety practice
  • Professionalism – to earn trust by delivering exceptional service
  • Excellence – to improve every day
  • Optimism – to approach life with positivity
  • Empathy – to understand and celebrate the uniqueness of others
  • Gratitude – to show gratitude for the opportunity and trust
  • Inner Development – to always work internally to improve externally
  • Community Service – to help our community and the world at large