Hello, my name is Jon Alicea, Iā€™m an artist, entrepreneur, educator and practitioner of the holistic healing arts. I learned through my own path that healthcare is about taking care of your body, mind, and soul everyday.

I encourage exploration with holistic experiences through education. My goal is to empower personal transformations by providing wellness tools for the mind, body and spirit to Manifest well-being objectives in your life.

Manual Therapy is a realistic path to manifesting a healthy, balanced and vibrant life. I do this by helping you to:

āœ… Choose healthy natural resources šŸŒæ

āœ… Have a healthy mindset šŸ§ 

āœ… Release any stagnant energy, old injuries and bring life to your cells šŸ§¬

With Manual Therapy and Coaching I will help you manifest your dreams in this life.

I hope to see you in my studio Ganesha Massage! šŸ˜

Ganesha Massage sessions are carefully customized to achieve optimal results within our session creating self-mastery and awareness over your body, mind and soul!Ā āœØ

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